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What a success! As you all know the whole reason for the event was to raise money for Robyn, another #SHUTTERGANG member whose first car meet was part 8 and she absolutely loved it, thanks to you guys! We asked Robyn what her expectations were… Robyn replied “about 20 cars down at the local village hall” but what a surprise we all gave her! We would like to give a personal thank you to Josh Parker and his mother for introducing Robyn and her family to us and bringing her down in style! From personal donations we managed to raise a...

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car meet, meet, part 8, pt 8 -

Only 3 days left until our next event which should be even bigger than what you have seen so far! AND there will be a BBC team present as well! This one will be for a charity as well so make sure you join!  If you haven't already clicked going on Facebook, here is the link: Without making it any longer than necessary here are all the main points you need to know: Location will be released on Sunday, it will be local to Aylesbury, no speed bumps BBC team is coming down to make a quick video No...

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