ALL you need to know about upcoming PART 8!

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ALL you need to know about upcoming PART 8!

Only 3 days left until our next event which should be even bigger than what you have seen so far! AND there will be a BBC team present as well! This one will be for a charity as well so make sure you join! 

If you haven't already clicked going on Facebook, here is the link:

Without making it any longer than necessary here are all the main points you need to know:

  • Location will be released on Sunday, it will be local to Aylesbury, no speed bumps
  • BBC team is coming down to make a quick video
  • No messing around at the first location pls pls pls, let's keep changing this bad stereotype
  • It will be a charity meet for Robyn's wheelchair, she only needs £1,400 to get is so if everyone contributed only £1 she could get this wheelchair!
  • #shuttergang merchandise stall (due to delay with sunglasses delivery they will not be on sale at this meet but will be available on our website next week)
  • Profits from sticker sales will also be donated to the charity
  • Burger van will be there too
  • There are convoys going from Wheatley (Oxfordshire) and Hemel Hempsted, more info over in the link above!

We hope to see you ALL there! Let's make this night memorable!





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