Join us in our journey

shuttergang car meet

Do you like our brand and what we do? Why not join us in our long journey to the top? Help us achieve the dream of becoming the most recognised car brand in the UK and possibly world-wide too one day. Make your car stand out, get involved and stay active - who knows, maybe you will join our ranks by becoming our rep, which is the best way to become part of our firm and creative administrative team!

Although joining us is as simple as rocking our merch you can join us more actively too! We are social media based brand so joining us is more simple than ever:

Our Facebook page is where you can find information about what we do from new merch and photoshoots to info about our upcoming events!

Our Facebook group is where you can share your experiences, ask other members questions and find out about our projects before others do.

We also run Instagram and Youtube accounts where you can find out more about our day-to-day activities.


Stay tuned, stay (il)legal boys and girls!