About us


We are relatively new car community established in 2016 in Buckinghamshire. We started as a group of friends who loved two things: cars and photography - hence shutter in our name. We bring the largest and greatest car events in the area, which we spend hours planning every little aspect of, so we are reassured and satisfied that you will enjoy your night! Our first ever meet in October 2016 we had around 70 cars show up, whereas in June 2017, only 8 months later, 800 cars and around 1,400 of you showed up to share your passion with us!

What is our mission?

Our mission with Shuttergang is to bring as many car enthusiasts together in a safe environment that respects the community and includes everyone, we want to continue to change the publics mindsets on modified cars and the people behind them and our aim is to inspire others to join us in our journey. Money made from merchandise is reinvested back into #SHUTTERGANG to bring you new and exclusive products and to help create bigger and better events.

Our biggest achievements

Since beginning Shuttergang we’ve achieved big things like being featured in The Bucks Herald for building a car community. We’ve held a charity event to help a local cause and even been filmed by the BBC which brought more of you to join the group and helps us to achieve the dream of being known nationwide.