Part 8 summary: we stepped onto the next level!

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Part 8 summary: we stepped onto the next level!

What a success! 

As you all know the whole reason for the event was to raise money for Robyn, another #SHUTTERGANG member whose first car meet was part 8 and she absolutely loved it, thanks to you guys! We asked Robyn what her expectations were… Robyn replied “about 20 cars down at the local village hall” but what a surprise we all gave her! We would like to give a personal thank you to Josh Parker and his mother for introducing Robyn and her family to us and bringing her down in style! From personal donations we managed to raise a total of around £200 just at the event, well done! With our combined efforts we have managed to help her hit the target and get Robyn Rolling! Here is a message from Robyn for everyone who helped:


"Dear Shuttergang, Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who came to the Shutter Gang meet last night and everyone that donated towards my wheelchair fund. I'm super excited to say that we've met the target and my brand new wheelchair is arriving tomorrow! Thank you all so much for your generosity, this really means the world to me! You're all such a wonderful group of people that made me feel so welcome. I'll post a picture of my new wheels tomorrow! Robyn"


Overall we think this was our biggest event to date! The retail park car park was filled! There were between 500-600 cars at some point. It probably was the most enjoyable too and definitely the first one which started in daylight which allowed us to get some great photos!

How amazing was it to have the BBC there?! You’ve all proven them wrong, as from having a chat with them. They were very grateful on how polite and welcoming everybody was and you’ve all completely changed their views on car meets for the future! They heard of us from the Bucks Herald, then decided they wanted their own slice of the pie! Here is a pretty cool video they produced:

Well done Gang! Thank you all for attending! If you haven’t already, go check out our new sunglasses range HERE . Keep checking our Facebook and Instagram pages for daily updates and future events!

And most importantly photos from the event can be found here: CLICK
Roll on Part 9 of the madness!

Photo credit to @snugend on instagram


By Shelby Galera

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