Shuttergang '19 - Our first show

vw jetta shuttergang car meet show

18/08/2019 - 9AM - 5PM - Cheltenham Race Course


Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come! Shuttergang will be holding an actual day event. You will get everything you would expect from a show - trade stands, show & shine, plenty of food and much more! But the best part of this is that you will not have to pay the show price for all of it (more about pricing below)! 

Are only modified cars allowed?

Absolutely. Bloody. NOT. Shuttergang's mission is to include all the car enthusiasts, no matter what they drive (and if they drive). We welcome everyone who feels passionate about cars or just appreciates them. We will have a separate car park area for visitors arriving in not modified vehicles. Please note this is not to make anyone feel bad about their car not being modified, it is purely a solution for visitors and families who only want to look at the lovely cars, this is NOT us telling you your car isn't good enough.

Similarly cars such as classics, exotics or performance cars are welcome to join us in the main section of the event. Just because car isn't modified does not mean it shouldn't be displayed!

Show & Shine

While we appreciate all cars at Shuttergang we believe cars done up to the highest standard deserve recognition. We will have a special area for the best of the best. Winners in their categories will be rewarded with awards and prizes. For more information and application form follow this link.

Trade Stands

As you would expect from a day event like this, there will be some trade stands at the event allowing you to purchase your favourite automotive items and to find out more information about the brands. We will have the Shuttergang stand too (duh) where you'll be able to get our merchandise. 

There will also be plenty of food stands provided by the Cheltenham Racecourse catering team who also promised you will be bale to get some breakfast items!

More information for traders and trade stand applications can be found at this link.


Since we are facing great costs in regards to renting such a good venue we will have to charge entry fees. We are not intending to make profits from this show / meet and we only will be charging £4 fee per person and £10 for a family ticket (2 adults + 2 kids).

The tickets will be sold at the gate and there is no option or need to buy them online. We have a large open space which will fit a large amount of cars however please arrive nice and early to avoid disappointment.



Safety has always been of great importance for us. On a normal meet at a public car park we can only advise you how to behave. However since this show will be hosted on a private land we will play by our rules.

Especially after recent events we will not be able to tolerate any dangerous behaviour such as speeding, drifting or burnouts. If you will create dangerous situations you will be asked to leave by one of our marshals. 

More information

If you require any more information or if you need to get hold of us to discuss opportunities please use this form to contact us.

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