Show & Shine Application 2019

bmw e30 classic show car

Since you're here you already know we are having our first legal, day time meet / show. There is probably no need to explain what Show & Shine is so please allow us jump into the most important info! 

This game is simple - we would like to reward sexy cars with the best spot. The number of spaces unfortunately is limited so we will need to enforce a selection process. Please fill the form below including your car's photos. We will email you with the decision on Sunday 11/08/2019. If you will be successful in your application we will send you the link where you can purchase your Show & Shine ticket for just £10. We expect a very tough competition so if you will not be successful at this time, we still have a special prize for these applicants ;)

Now, except of the great spot every Show & Shine vehicle will receive a free windscreen sticker of the relevant class (German, Classic or JAP stickers will be available). These stickers are not yet available for purchase. On top of this there will be trophies for best cars in their own category such us best fitment, most clean build and more.

Now onto the main prize! Capita Customs have kindly offered to donate a free roof wrap or tail lights tints for the overall winner of the Shuttergang Show #0 Show & Shine!

Please note there is no limitation to what type car can apply for Show & Shine. We welcome all make and models, groups, ages and styles.

Don't waste any time and apply below now! Good luck!