WE ARE HIRING! Earn extra money with Shuttergang!

WE ARE HIRING! Earn extra money with Shuttergang!

For the first time ever we have paid positions available for external candidates at Shuttergang. If you follow us for a while you know we never stop here, and this is your shot to get the experience, make friends and EARN MONEY!!! Interested? Read on!

First a bit about the job. As part of our business we provide our customers with photography solutions for their events. This means there is a variety of jobs available to suit your skills and equipment. Our main and regular customers are nightclubs which means you can carry on with your day job while you earn extra money to fund your rather expensive journey with photography and cars, and you get valuable experience on top of this! Not to mention tens of famous people you will meet on the job and will get a chance to work along with!


Sounds great? This paragraph will tell you who we are looking for. First of all, we are looking for individuals who are laid back in order to fit with the rest of the team. We try to make work as fun as it can be so there is no reason for you to be miserable! While we do not require much experience in photography we require dedication. If you are type of person who pulls a sicky at work because of a common cold this position is not for you. This position also requires certain degree of confidence and ability to work on your own to form a bigger picture as the team. 

In order to be able to this job you will need your own equipment (preferably, but not essential, Canon so you can take the advantage and borrow bits from us when needed for a specific job). We wouldn't expect you to have top of the range equipment, mid range camera with kit lens will do to start with. You will need however a decent flash gun, if you don't have one but willing to get one we can offer you our advice.

In return for your efforts we reward you with generous wage right from the start. If you lack the experience we will make sure you brush up on your skills in no time. On top of this you will get to work around famous people in fun environment.

We are currently looking for people to work in: Aylesbury, Banbury, Basingstoke, Reading and Oxford however there will be jobs available in other areas too so be sure you drop us a message and we will be in touch once we have opportunities nearer to you! Typical working hours would be roughly 11pm-2am.

Would like to give it a go? Drop us an email at info@shuttergangmedia.co.uk please indicate your preferable location and how far you would be willing to travel along with list of your equipment and relevant experience. Please do not worry if your experience or equipment is not there just yet, we are willing to help out dedicated candidates! 



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