We are going on holiday!

We are going on holiday!

We've been working really hard over the last year so you can take the most out of the Shuttergang i.e. merch, meets, content. Now it is time our team takes a small (deserved) break.

The Sshuttergang team will be taking a short holiday in Europe over the next couple of weeks, meaning any orders placed during this time will not be fulfilled until we return! To apologise for this, we will be leaving you with a 10% discount code on all merchandise whilst we are gone and not able to get your orders to you within our usual speedy time!

We promise that once we have returned we will try our absolute hardest to complete all outstanding orders within a reasonable time scale. Thank you in advance for understanding and we look forward to returning all fired up and ready to create more Shuttergang madness!

Here is the discount code for 10% off your entire order. It will be valid until 2/08/2018, and this is when we will be back to process your orders!


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