Meet #15 summary!

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Meet #15 summary!

Our 15th meet is now over, and gosh, what a meet this was!!! This was an absolute madness and you guys made this the craziest meet we hosted to day! Some of you even went as far as saying it was the craziest meet they ever been to which is an honour for us.


The evening began a little bit bumpy... We got to the car park an hour early than the meet was supposed to start and a fair few of you were already there (smart guys as it later turns out). We set up the stall and by that time car park looked pretty busy already! Tesco decided to make some silly managerial decisions straight away... Do you remember our post asking you lot to give back and fill at the petrol station attached to the area of the meet? Right, they decided to shut it down. On the busiest night they will ever get. They just shut it down. Really Tesco, you don't want money?!


tesco blocking car park using trolleys


You may think this was silly but you wait... The management decided to block off quarter of the car park too (pictured above). And now we would like to explain why, but we can't. Because we don't know. And neither does Tesco. Either way with couple thousand people there, this would not really make any difference for Tesco or locals as sadly these trolleys do not have magic abilities of creating 20m tall sound barrier. It would however help with congestion on the roads and cars would not obstruct the way for the locals on the dual carriageway. However, no hard feelings from us, we mean no trouble! x


The rest of the night was smooth, enjoyable and carried friendly vibe which was felt by everyone around. Even though the hours passed there was still loads of you waiting to get in! For which we are sorry and we do understand it was an inconvenience which probably was frustrating for many of you. This was the biggest and most accessible place in this area though. We are really sorry for the locals too, their journey time must have been extended too.


lamborgini aventador yiannimize


Later on we had our special guests joining us too. Nicco and Mark from the Yiannimize garage have joined us to celebrate the night with us. Later on the king of wraps - Yanni joined us too. This was a great surprise as we did not expect this at all! It was a great privilege to meet THE man him self, especially as he does not attend meets of this sort normally! The guys really enjoyed the meet and the vibe you guys carried. But it is probably safe to say you enjoyed it even more and managed to get some good selfies!


We ended the night just after 10pm to give us some time to empty the car park before 11pm so the locals get the rest. The meet was so busy that as we were leaving some of you were still waiting to get in, how mental is that?! As per usual most of you behaved excellent at the first location and we avoided any potential safety or noise issues (thank YOU for that). You managed to hold on and headed to a second location as far as we heard which was just as crazy and you had fun far away from the houses!


families residents love shuttergang


The feedback we received was great too! Not only the car enthusiasts loved it but also the locals which brought their children and are hoping we will come back next year! Of course you can never have every single person happy and few people were rather annoyed but we personally think this was the best behaved car meet we ever seen, nonetheless we understand the concerns.


Thank you every one of you who came and made this meet one which will be remembered for a long, long time! We could not be where we are and the meet would not be what it was without your support. Even the tiniest thing such as simple share helps us, and we see it and appreciate it! One of you sent us some drone footage too, which we will use and post shortly on our Facebook Page.


The next meet will be announced very shortly so make sure you keep an eye on our social media so you do not miss it! Much love! x



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