HUGE slapsticker sale!

HUGE slapsticker sale!

As you guys know we put a lot of time and effort into our merchandise. We try to make it as good as possible to fit with every style no matter what you are going for with your car. We always aim to list our merch at reasonable prices which means we often have to buy things in bulks and we are literally talking thousands here because you lot are awesome and grab all the pretty merch in no time!

However sometimes it happens we over order and we end up having a lot of stock piling up in our warehouse blocking space for the new stock. However we came up with a great solution to this! We listed all the stickers we over-ordered on sale so you get opportunity to get them at at least half the original price and we get to clear our warehouse space for the new products we have planned for you!

Offer only lasts until 1/06/2018 so grab yours while you can. Offer is also subject to availability - once certain design sells out we will not be able to get it at this price again!

So hop onto our slapstickers range and grab yourself a bargain! And remember: it does not matter how many you order, you will only pay one, 69p delivery charge!!!


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