Holidays FREEBIES!!!

Holidays FREEBIES!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Gangsters!

So we got to the Christmas Day and we decided to launch our completely FREE give-aways! You don't need to buy anything to be able to win! And what is the best about this is the fact we will have THREE give aways, not one!

Make sure you are part of our Facebook Page to be up to date with the give aways!




Runs until 1st Jan 2017, this is when we will pick the winner at random!

What you have to do?
1. Like our Facebook page if you haven't already done so!

2. In a comment tag your friend with a slower car than yours ;)

3. Share the post!

Winner announced - Lewis Macallister


We value your feedback and we want to know what you would like to see happening at #SHUTTERGANG in 2017!

To get a chance to win:

1. Comment on the post linked below saying what you would like to see us bringing to you this year.
2. Tag a mate you will bring to the next meet.
3. Share the post!
The winner of this one will be announced on 7/01/2017

Winner: Brandon Perry



The last give away!

All you have to do is rate us 5 stars on our Facebook page and just write in two sentences what you think about what we do! Everyone who will rate and review us by the end of 14/01/2017 will get a chance to win! 

Make sure you take part and keep checking our social media for more info!

Quick T&Cs (boring bit)
-Only one entry per person: multiple shares and comments by the same person will not increase their chances to win
-Prizes are to be collected at our next meet or alternatively at a different time and place if previously arranged
-Prizes can be posted however at additional cost covered by the winner
-Prizes are not exchangeable and do not represent any monetary value which winner could spend in store
-Entrants have to be at least 16 years of age
-Prizes are linked to stock availability: winner of the first give away gets to choose the colour and only the reminding two will be available for the second giveaway, and only one colour will be left for the last give away (no colour choice)
-Winner, once annouced is obligated to contact Shutter Gang Media on their Facebook page within 24 hours, otherwise prize will be lost

#shuttercrew xo

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