First of all we would like to thank all of our fantastic followers for supporting us this far and after some amazing feedback from you guys we are working hard to introduce new range of warm hoodies with brand new designs ASAP as it is getting a bit cold now! We wouldn't want you guys freezing at our meets now would we?!


Hoodies are not the only bits we will introduce soon!

As some of you are aware we are coming up to our 1 year anniversary therefore we would like celebrate it by introducing new THING and we would like to give you guys the opportunity to win free merch. Everyone loves free stuff!!!

Now this is where the free stuff comes into the spotlight. SHARE this (link below) post and COMMENT what you think it is we are introducing and from people who guessed correctly, next Sunday (24/09/2017) we will pick a lucky winner who will get the VERY FIRST of THAT item
Good luck all. Look forward to seeing you guys at meet 11.

Hint: they're not lanyards as we promised these already

Here is the post for the giveaway:


Make sure you also check out our next event!


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