GIVEAWAY: Shitter, Glitter, GANG!

GIVEAWAY: Shitter, Glitter, GANG!

We have added a new sticker to our Shuttergang Originals range - Shitter, Glitter, GANG! Because of this we would like to celebrate and give away three limited edition stickers, in special, glitter or reflective colours. These stickers will not be on sale until after the giveaway ends and after that there will be only ten stickers of each limited edition colour.

Before we jump into the giveaway here is a short story behind this sticker! A couple months back, when Shuttergang started expanding very quickly in Bucks we faced a small group of anonymous haters who would ask a local social media page to post their hate towards car enthusiasts because they were afraid to do so themselves. These people, people who most likely have no hobbies or interest gave us the name: "shitter glitter gang".

Not at any point has this discouraged us from doing what we do best, bringing the community together, if anything it put a smile on our faces and motivated us more! The moral of this story is not to throw insults on the most relaxed organisation or we will turn it into a sticker! ;)

In order to enter the giveaway go to this post on Facebook and tag your mate who should get you the sticker in the comments! We will announce the winners this Sunday 2/07/2017!

Here is a preview of one of the limited edition giveaway stickers!

If you would like to purchase one of these stickers in one of the standard colours you can do so here.



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