Fancy a video of your car? Read this!

Fancy a video of your car? Read this!

Okay, 2019 is here which means it's time we introduce our new ideas. If you're reading this you already know we love great content. We completed our 2018 goal with tens of photoshoots, but this year we want to go a step further and step up our video side of things.

Our plan for the start off this year is to create a semi-professional series of 10-15 videos showing crazy builds. Each video will be dedicated to one build, so your car will be getting its own video and exclusive time in order to cover everything! The video will be a vlog style where one of our representatives introduces and talks about your build and at the end we would like to film some "action shots" performed by yourself.



What exactly are we looking for? We are looking for modified builds (duh...). There is no guideline or a "perfect car" that we are looking for. If it is loud, runs crazy power or is made to go sideways we want to hear from you!

In addition to the video, selected builds will receive free merch too so it's a win-win! Don't waste your time and apply now. You can do this by sending an email to or inboxing our Facebook page. Please include photos and/or videos of your build and briefly outline what makes it special and video worthy.

We are looking to start filming immediately and have all the footage done by mid-Feb. Location, dates and timings can be arranged to suit your other responsibilities.

If you will have any more questions about the filming, give us a shout!


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