F*CK OFF WINTER - SG Beanies sale!

F*CK OFF WINTER - SG Beanies sale!

Okay, as car enthusiast we may disagree on many things e.g. what car make is best, what is the most overrated car or weather wheels suit or not. However we are pretty confident we can agree on the favourite season and it is definitely not winter!

Summer is full of car meets, car shows, good whether to clean your car and just invites you to spend time outside with your car friends. All winter gives you are gritters and dirty car.

That's why we have something to cheer you all up! Our beanies are going on sale RIGHT NOW and you can grab them for 20% less before 18/02/2018. So if you still haven't got one add one to your cart now and use the code below at check out!




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