15th Meet Announced! Hemel Hempstead!

15th Meet Announced! Hemel Hempstead!

It is this time again! Weather is getting better and more summery so we wasted no time and set up another meet for you gangsters!

This time round however we would like to get local community involved too! The last time we visited Hemel, last year we were warmly greeted by the residents. The vast majority of locals understood the fact we don't cause any harm and that we only cause "disturbance" once every so often, not on weekly basis. Many actually joined us and had a great evening. We even managed to get a  video which went viral and now has over 5,000,000 views!


Behavior and attitude demonstrated by Hemel really encouraged us to give back. We are coming to Hemel again at the beginning of June. And this time we would like not only car enthusiasts but also people of Hemel too! They shown us that not all locals are boring and moany so why don't we show them that not all car enthusiasts are racer boys!

"How do we do this?" you may ask. After all we never aim to cause any inconvenience and atmosphere is great. And this is the point! Carry on what we always do - make everyone feel welcome. Many locals will love seeing our cars and have the opportunity to take photo of their kids next to modified cars!

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Posted by Shutter Gang on Wednesday, 14 June 2017

On top of this please be more careful than ever. People attending car meets regularly are used to navigating between moving cars etc. but people who are new to this may not be on the same page as you. Also, kids may be running around and they are very difficult to spot so please stop yourself from any types of silly behaviour such as burnouts, drifting or speeding in main location. Remember to be safe and sensible on the way to and from the event too.

If this does not sound inviting enough, we will also have some special guests coming down on the night which we will announce closer to the date ;) 

Finally - here is the link to the event:




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