Custom Jobs


At Shutter Gang we value customers' choice and while we aim to offer as much options as we can sadly we cannot provide every single design as "off the shelf" item. 

However we have a solution to this limitation! Now you can order your fully custom design by contacting us using email address listed below. There is some information we need to get from you before we can get back to you with a quote:

  • Design attached in the email
  • Design size (max. 60cm high)
  • Colour and finish (gloss or matt)
  • Date you need your sticker by

Please note Shutter Gang Media is not responsible for any spelling mistakes or errors in the design its self. We only provide you with high quality sticker with design of your choice therefore please double check your request for any mistakes. 

Don't have a design?

If you don't have your design yet we do offer a designing service. Please email us with as much information which could help us with the design as possible. Also, feel free to attach some examples so we know exactly what you're looking for.

Looking for custom Instagram and name stickers?

We already offer custom Instagram and name stickers that you can order hassle-free right now. Check out our custom stickers range here.

Sticker you like isn't available to buy in colour you like?

No problem! For certain stickers we only offer colours which would sell according to our research. However we don't let this stop you from getting what you want! Simply email us with the link to the sticker you like, tell us what colour you need and we will take care of the rest! We will also email you a custom invoice so you can securely pay for your sticker at no extra cost! 

For more information and quotes contact:


#shuttergang team