Roll with us! - Join our team!

The 2017 was extremely successful for Shuttergang. We said many hellos and a few goodbyes, we faced many difficulties and logistic problems but in the end, we were rewarded by being a part of the fastest growing car community there is! We know this year is not over just yet but we are already thinking ahead and plan to make 2018 even bigger and better!

And this is where we need YOU! We are looking to acquire new people to join us in our journey to become a worldwide known automotive brand. In order to help us with this we would like to have a team made up of modified cars that will represent us at events - so called REPS. This is the best and only path to become part of the admin team.


What we are looking for:

-Positive and friendly attitude (with loads of banter)

-Modified car (classic and performance cars will be considered stock)

-Decent social media skills (large following base is beneficial but not required)

-Attending events, car shows, as well as car meets

-Willingness to put large Shuttergang stickers (of your choice) on the car 


What you get out of this:

-Being part of a team representing Shuttergang

-Priority on Shuttergang stands on other car shows

-Free Shuttergang stickers to put on your car

-Personal discount code for our online store that you can share with your friends

-Huge discount on Shuttergang merchandise for private use

-Opportunity to join the admin team if enough interest and dedication shown


We would love as many of you to apply as possible! Make sure you do share this with friends you think would be suitable. We are really looking forward to meeting new people and expanding our team!

Convinced? Apply now here!